Survey Identifies Hot Kitchen Features

When it is time to discuss how you want your kitchen to look, there are a million options. What are some of the hot kitchen design trends out there today?

The kitchen has been the most upgraded area of the home since the pandemic, according to a survey by the US based website Houzz. Folks are happy to spend upwards of $20,000 to get a great outcome.

Some 50% of respondents said they replaced all their appliances. Two-in-five changed their plumbing and electrical set ups, which can be very expensive.Β  Some 40% increased the size of their kitchen, and one-third say they moved or added walls. Their upgrade lists also included new countertops, faucets, sinks, and backsplashes.

Hot Kitchen Features

Most buyers love a five star kitchen that fulfills their desire to entertain friends and family.

Here are some of the latest hot kitchen features identified by Houzz. 

Kitchens Open On To Decks

Research suggests the walls are starting to go up around kitchens again making kitchens contained. An alternative trend is for the kitchen to open onto a deck or patio which allows open air dining without the need for an additional outdoor kitchen.

Bigger Backsplashes

The four inch strip of glass is out. Instead, backsplashes are going all the way up to the hanging wall cabinets. And forget big and bold colors. Whites and neutrals are still in so that other parts of the kitchen design can take center stage. 

Fantasy Island

Cutting edge kitchen designers are now suggesting you don’t match your island bench with the rest of the kitchen. It should make a statement rather than blend in.

Cabinet Crazy

You can never have enough storage. Demand is believed to have peaked during the pandemic when we were all committed to stocking up.Houzz claims four times the amount of storage is being built into a kitchen than two or three years ago. Cabinets are now going all the way to the ceiling. And open shelving, while still popular, is taking a step back.

Walk-In Pantry

Everyone wants to walk into their pantry this year as opposed to just leaning in. Full butlers pantries – which can be as serious as a virtual kitchen behind the kitchen – are big at the luxury end of the spectrum. That way you can cook (or have the caterers come in) and not see the mess.

Vinyl Va-Va-Voom

Expensive wood floors are making way for patterned vinyl. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have also had a strong following – particularly those that look like wood.

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