Privacy Policy

What info do we collect on this website and how do we use it?

Who we are:

McNair Custom Homes, a custom home builder in the San Antonio area. Our website address is

Data we collect and what we do with it:

Comments. Visitors to our site are able to leave comment on posts. We collect the comment data, the IP address, and browser information. A hash (an anonymized string created from your email address) may be passed to Gravatar to see if you are using their services (we encourage you to set up an account with them). You can visit them at and read their Privacy Policy at We display your profile picture from Gravatar along with your comment.

All comments are public once approved and will be displayed on our website. Any website addresses you leave with the comment may be displayed. We reserve the right to scrub website URLs from comments. The email address associated with your comment will not be displayed publicly and we will not collect those addresses for mailing lists or other marketing purposes (they are used to connect your Gravatar and notify you of followup comments).

Contact forms. Throughout our site, contact forms may be available for you to submit email, phone, or mailing address information. We collect these in order to provide you with requested information and will use these to stay in touch with you. We’re like you, we hate receiving a ton of marketing emails, so we try to be mindful of that and respect your inbox.

We may share your information with our partners, but we do so on a very limited basis. We may use that information to follow up with you to see if there is any additional information we may provide or if there is any other ways we can help you find what you need.

We do not sell your information to third parties. We want your business, not to make a few cents off of selling your info.

Cookies. Our website may set cookies on your browser with identifying information. These are used to make your experience smoother by allowing saving of certain information. Things like your name and email when leaving a comment or information on which pages you visit and what links you click. We do not do this for nefarious purposes, but rather to improve your experience. We are a home builder, not a tech company that tracks your every move across the internet.

Content from other websites. Occasionally, we may use or embed content (videos, images, articles, etc.) from other sources on our website. This embedded content behaves much the same as if you had viewed it on the original website. These websites may collect data, view cookies, attach other third-party tracking to their content, etc. and those sites may use your data in ways that they allow via their privacy policy.

If you have questions about our policies and your privacy, feel free to contact us.