Three Ways To Stop Being “Bugged” By Insects

Are you still swatting away those summer insects hanging around in your garden and even coming into the kitchen?

Perhaps it’s time to do something about that; all of the insects in Texas can drive you crazy, especially if you love entertaining family, friends, and neighbors on a warm summer’s evening.


It’s not just flies and gnats that hover around, but scorpions, centipedes, ants (including those pesky fire ants), and spiders also thrive in the warm days and seeing them scuttle across your deck is not exactly pleasant.

If you think you’ve overdosed on these critters this summer, perhaps there’s something about your yard that’s attracting them.

So, if you’ve got a problem, check the following:

Standing Water

Mosquitoes love still, dank water. They’ll lurk and lay eggs in discarded watering cans, empty plant pots that capture rainwater, and even puddles that form in the dark corners of your garden.

Long Grass

A bug’s life thrives in tall grasses. Mosquitos, fleas, and even ticks will make cozy homes there, lying in wait for you or your pets. Ticks can be serious, especially for cats and dogs, so hack down those grasses. 

Candle Capers

When dusk falls, bugs come out in every garden. It’s just that more appear in yards that are not well maintained. To keep the little blood suckers away, try burning citronella candles. Put them on the table and use them liberally, as they’ll protect your guests and look pretty around your entertainment area.

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