Fabulous Wood Flooring Adds An Impact

Wood floors can be a major selling point of a home, they’re the foundation of a property’s aesthetic beauty and never fail to impress.

Many sellers appreciate the impact of a wooden floor, and they will invest in having it stripped back, sealed and polished, often at the cost of several thousand dollars, to add value to their home before putting it on the market.


The trick with wood floors is knowing how to clean them.

Many people, from long time owners to first time buyers, get it wrong. Instead of staying bright yet warm, the floor becomes dull, and owners are never sure why.

So, here’s how to maintain a wonderful wood floor:

Know the Finish

Establish whether your floor has a polyurethane finish or not. Spill a small amount of water onto it and if the droplets sit on top you have a sealed floor.

Sealed Floor

You’ll be able to use water based solutions on your sealed floor, which will make life a little easier.

Unsealed Solution

If your flooring isn’t sealed, use only minimal water for cleaning. If you soak it with a mop, it will dull quickly. Instead, run a damp microfiber cloth over it and dry it immediately after.

Sweep First

Always sweep the floor first. Avoid vacuuming, especially if your machine has a rotating beater head, as this causes tiny scratches. We recommend a broom with a microfiber head as the dust and dirt it collects is amazing.

Cleaner Question

Hardware stores and supermarkets are full of solutions for sealed wooden floors. Some can leave a film over the polyurethane, dulling it over time. One solution is cleaning with vinegar: use no more than half of a cup per gallon of water.

Let Off Steam

The heat from a steam mop is intense and the moisture it releases can dull or even warp the wood over time.

Plan Your Clean

Mop your floor when it’s quiet in your home. Remove the rugs and push furniture aside where possible. Turn on ceiling fans to accelerate the drying time. Don’t return the rugs until the floor is dry. And if you plan your route, you won’t walk on a wet floor.

Once your floors are cleaned and polished, you may notice the scuffs and scratches that occur over time a lot more, so it’s always good to know what to do with scratched hardwood floors.

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