Essential Decorating Tips For First Time Homebuyers

The exhilaration of being a first time homebuyer and finally closing on your new home is unforgettable: your home is full of endless possibilities. 

As a first time owner, you’re likely to want to put your mark on your new home, and that means hitting the furniture stores and redecorating.

Essential Decorating Tips

But, don’t be too hasty because if you rush the process, you also risk making some bad calls and wasting a lot of money.

Some common mistakes include getting color combinations wrong or buying furniture and TVs that are too big and make the home feel cluttered.

If you’re hunting for your first property right now, it’s always a good idea during the inspection process to think carefully about how you would decorate and furnish it.

A little time spent pre-planning will deliver a better outcome and avoid you having to return to various stores to seek refunds or replacements for your initial choices. 

These top tips will help you avoid some common challenges that first time homebuyers face when decorating their new home. 

Color Corrections

If you’re not good with colors, you may benefit from hiring an expert to help you. Whatever you do, don’t buy gallons of paint and then decide you don’t like the color. Do some color tests in small areas of each room first and make your decision in daylight.

Coordinate Furniture

It’s not just colors that should work together. Ensure your various pieces of furniture complement each other too. Don’t be afraid to purchase a โ€œstatementโ€ piece, such as a plush wing chair. But don’t make everything a statement – the room becomes too noisy and ends up looking like a furniture showroom.

Clash of Styles

Your choice of decor should match the style of the property you’ve purchased. If you’ve moved into an older home, choose colors, fittings and furniture that complement the period or style in which your home was built. Don’t force a modern look on an old cottage, it doesn’t work.

Let There Be Light

Allowing natural light into your home makes it feel warm and inviting even on the coldest days. So, avoid blocking the windows with furniture, large lamps, or any other fixture. Make sure you can tie back your curtains during the day to let the light and warmth indoors.

Lightbulb Moment

Leave your lighting decisions until you’ve lived in the home for a few months. You’ll be able to gauge where sunlight falls in each room and the areas where you might prefer to read, relax, and work on your computer.

Practical Before Pretty

Prioritize your spending. If you need to replace your water heater or HVAC system, get that done before splashing out on fancy printed wallpaper or replacing the outdated tiles in the bathroom. Of course, if you’re buying a new home from McNair Custom Homes, you won’t have to worry about replacements like that.

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