10 Unconventional Bathroom Materials to Match Your Style

Are you feeling uninspired by the traditional bathroom designs featuring tile and porcelain fixtures? It might be time to consider some unconventional materials to elevate your space. Using luxurious and unique materials in your bathroom design can add a touch of opulence and personality to your home.

Unconventional Bathroom Materials

We have curated a list of ten high-end materials perfect for creating a stylish and memorable bathroom design. These materials include natural stones like marble and granite, metallic accents like copper and brass, and even unexpected materials like wood and concrete. Each of these materials offers a distinct texture, color, and visual appeal that can transform your bathroom into a truly extraordinary space.

Whether you want to create a contemporary and edgy aesthetic or embrace a classic and timeless look, incorporating these unconventional materials into your design will help you achieve your desired style. By stepping outside the traditional design box, you can create a stylish and functional bathroom. So, if you’re ready to elevate your bathroom and add a touch of luxury and sophistication, read on for our top ten luxury materials to use in your bathroom redesign.


Add a touch of elegance with a brass finish. Often used for faucets and fixtures, brass gives a vintage vibe and a timeless look. However, it can require more upkeep to avoid tarnishing.


For eco-friendly bathrooms, bamboo is a must-try. Sustainable and water-resistant, this material adds a natural touch to your space. However, if not properly sealed, bamboo can be prone to warping, so hire a professional to install it.


Unconventional? Yes. But leather can add a sleek and luxurious feel to your bathroom. Leather wall panels can add sophisticated warmth to any modern bathroom. Be mindful of water damage, and only use water-resistant leather.


For those who prefer a sleek, modern, and rustic touch in their bathroom, slate tiles offer just that. Durable and water-resistant, slate tiles will give your bathroom a natural look. In addition, slate is slip-resistant when sealed, making it an ideal choice for shower floors.

Teak Wood

To create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, consider wood floors made from teak wood. Already used in luxury yachts, teak wood is water-resistant and anti-fungal, making it ideal for bathroom flooring. However, it can be vulnerable to scratches, so be careful with sharp objects.


This natural stone has a unique translucency that turns your bathroom into an oasis. It can be used for vanities, backsplashes, and shower walls. However, be mindful that it requires sealing and regular cleaning to maintain its shine.


For a modern and minimalist vibe, consider concrete countertops or flooring. Concrete is stylish and durable, easy to maintain, and can withstand moisture well. However, it can crack if not installed properly and be cold underfoot.

Glass Tiles

Adding glass tiles to your bathroom creates a unique three-dimensional feel. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and reflect light to help give your bathroom a larger sense. However, it may take expert installation to ensure you get the best look.


Copper sinks can create a vintage and trendy look and help eliminate bacteria growth. Copper is antibacterial, anti-fungal and can be customized to fit most designs. Do note that copper can require frequent polishing to avoid tarnishing.


If you want bathroom counters that are high-end and durable, go for quartz. This engineered stone material is easy to maintain, strong, and available in various patterns and colors. It can be pricey, but it is worth the splurge.

Incorporating unconventional materials can be an excellent solution if you’re looking to give your bathroom a new, unique look and feel. Whether you’re considering natural stone, metallic accents, or unexpected materials like wood or concrete, these items can bring a sense of luxury, elegance, and personality to your space. However, it’s essential to remember that using unconventional materials needs to be done thoughtfully and carefully, considering the style and design of your bathroom.

When working with unconventional materials, be sure to keep your bathroom’s overall design scheme in mind. If not used in moderation, these materials can quickly dominate a room, so don’t overdo it. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, hire a professional to help guide you with design and material selections. A design professional will have experience working with a variety of materials and can provide helpful ideas and suggestions to make your bathroom design shine.

Lastly, remember that your bathroom is still functional, and any materials used should be durable and easy to maintain. Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is essential to prevent damage or risk of injury. With the right approach and creativity, incorporating unconventional bathroom materials can make your space stand out and allow you to express your unique style and taste.

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