You Deserve A Stress Free Vacation

The end of the school year is upon us and vacation time is almost here! Whether youโ€™re getting ready to leave town in a car or on a plane, our tips will take stress out of the picture.

Stress Free Vacation

Plan, Plan, Plan

If there’s something you can do way ahead of your trip – get it done! Making reservations may seem obvious, but getting your car tuned up, making arrangements to have your mail picked up or your plants watered, and alerting your neighbors to your absence are all great ways to stay on top of stress. When you’re trying to get a whole family ready to go, you’ll be glad these things have already been taken care of.


Worried about getting things done? Time to assign some responsibilities. Ask the kids to clean out the car or plan some on-the-road activities before you go. Ask your spouse to research restaurants. By delegating some of these jobs, you’ll be feel a whole lot lighter!

Commit to Unplugging

Have you ever been on vacation and gotten calls from the office? It’s a quick way to ruin your holiday! If necessary, set a short time aside each day to handle responsibilities that are calling your name, but leave your worries at home if you can – literally! Turn off your phone or leave it in the hotel if you can do without it. Let work calls go to voicemail. Focus on fun and family and you’ll be feeling liberated in no time!

Be Okay With Doing Nothing

Try not to overbook your vacation, leaving lots of time for relaxation. Whether you’ve got a weekend or two weeks away, give yourself the gift of nothing to do. This kind of leisure time is a true luxury.

Be Flexible

Be prepared not to sweat the small stuff if things don’t go just as planned. Those little hiccups can be an added stress, or they can be an opportunity. Don’t let inconveniences ruin your time away. Embrace them and go with the flow. Just like vacations, your loan application process should be stress free too!

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