Are You Ready For Summer?

Things are really heating up here in San Antonio. With blistering heat in May and more higher temps ahead, you’ll want to be making sure your home is prepared for the summer months.


It’s time to clean your windows. Aside from a good cleaning, you’ll want to check for cracked or damaged window panes. With the recent rains we’ve had, your weatherstripping may have some wear as well. Make repairs as necessary and get ready to let the sunshine in!


Are your door and window screens intact? We’ve been seeing more mosquitos each year – no need to let in any uninvited guests! While you’re at it, give each screen a good soap and water rinse.


Winter and spring can be rough on the exterior roofs, siding, and trim of your home. Inspect any wood components to be sure that you’re not seeing any wood rot or damage. Is paint missing or chipping away? Is caulking damaged or missing? These areas can be especially susceptible to rot and should get some extra attention.

Check the AC

If you haven’t already had the AC on full blast, you’re stronger than we are! Temperatures haven’t hit triple digits yet, but they’re well on their way, so make sure things are in working order before it gets any hotter!

Outside Utilities

Check for leaks and reconnect your hoses. If you plan to do any summer entertaining, give your electrical outlets a check and take your outdoor kitchen on a test run to make sure everything goes smoothly!

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