Hot Design Trends of 2023: Embracing Earthy Tones and Bold Statements

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. In 2023, a mix of classic and contemporary styles is taking center stage. This year, earth tones, neoclassicism, terrazzo, sheer and iron accents, paper and fabric lighting, stone trims, mono-room fabrics, statement glass, and brutalist designs dominate the scene. Here’s a look at these hot design trends.

Earth Tones

Earth Tones

In 2023, earth tones are returning as homeowners look to create warm, inviting spaces. These natural hues, such as browns, greens, and beiges, provide a sense of tranquility and connection to the environment. Incorporate earth tones into your home through paint colors, furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories like pottery and artwork.


Neoclassicism is a timeless design trend that draws inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. In 2023, expect a resurgence of this elegant style, characterized by symmetrical layouts, ornate details, and luxurious materials like marble and gold. Choose furniture with intricate carvings, stately columns, and rich fabrics to incorporate neoclassicism into your home.


Terrazzo, a composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and other stones, has been a popular choice for flooring for centuries. This versatile material has recently found its way into other aspects of interior design, including countertops, wall treatments, and even furniture. The unique patterns and textures of terrazzo make it a striking addition to any space.

Sheer and Iron Accents: Industrial Chic

The juxtaposition of sheer fabrics and iron accents adds an edgy, industrial touch to modern interiors. Sheer curtains and room dividers provide a light, airy feel, while iron accents in shelving, lighting fixtures, and furniture add a rugged edge.

Paper and Fabric Lighting: Illuminating Spaces with Style

In 2023, expect to see innovative lighting solutions featuring paper and fabric materials. These options offer a unique aesthetic while providing a soft, diffused glow that enhances the ambiance of any room.

Stone Trims and Textured Tiles: Adding Depth and Dimension

Stone trims and textured tiles are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, adding depth and dimension to spaces. These features can be incorporated into flooring, backsplashes, and accent walls to create visual interest and a tactile experience.

Mono-Room Fabrics and Statement Glass: Bold Design Choices

Mono-room fabrics featuring a single pattern or color throughout an entire space create a cohesive and striking look. Similarly, statement glass, such as colored or patterned varieties, adds an eye-catching element to any room.

Brutalism and Surrealism: Pushing Boundaries

Brutalist design, characterized by raw, unrefined materials and bold geometric shapes, is gaining traction in contemporary interiors. This style pairs well with the growing interest in surrealism and alternative visual art, as both trends push the boundaries of traditional design.

Homemade Mid-Century Decor: A Nostalgic Touch

As more people embrace DIY projects, a growing appreciation for homemade mid-century decor is growing. These items add character and charm to any space, evoking a nostalgic, retro aesthetic.

Curves and Arches: Elevating Design

The use of curves and arches in design is a trend that continues to gain momentum. These elements soften harsh lines and create a sense of flow within a space, transforming an ordinary room into something truly exceptional.

As you can see, 2023 is shaping up to be a year full of inspiring design trends. From earthy tones and neoclassicism to brutalism and surrealism, homeowners and designers have a wealth of ideas to explore. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or embark on a new design project, these trends are sure to make a lasting impact.

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