Creating a Smart Home

Turning Your Home Into A Smart Home is Easy

Smart technology is more popular than ever. Many homeowners are interested in applying this technology to their own home to make their lives easier. Most smart home technology can be controlled by phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi internet.

Smart Home Device

Features To Consider

Smart Video: Smart video cameras are essential for monitoring pets, children, your front door, and more. These cameras can monitor any area of your home and send footage to your phone, allowing you to securely see what’s going on from anywhere in the world. Cameras can show both live images and record video, in case the worst should happen and video would need to be shown to law enforcement.

Smart Lighting and Electricity: Smart home lighting is a cool feature to control from your phone, but it also serves as a security measure. You can turn lights on or off based on a schedule, or by using an app on your phone. So, if you forgot to turn off that porch light when you left town, you can still turn things off so that your home doesn’t look vacant or unattended.

Smart Assistants: Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, and Google Assistant are all the rage these days. These assistants can control smart home products, but they can also answer questions, play music, order food, make lists for you, and more.

Smart Heating and Cooling

Even though HVAC units have been a little slower to update to smart home technology, there’s no reason that the heating and cooling of your home need to be lacking. Smart thermostats have been around for a while and services like Ecobee, Honeywell, and Nest offer smart phone access and can monitor your home to make sure that your home is running as efficiently as possible.

​Smart Appliances

LG, Samsung, and other companies have been offering refrigerators with large touch screen displays, allowing you to see the inside of the unit without opening the door. You can also check your fridge remotely, say, from a grocery store, so you can see just what you need and make sure you won’t be forgetting something important on your trip. The display can also serve as a place for easy reference, notes, and family memos.

Washers and dryers aren’t too far behind either. Washer/dryer combo units are starting to show up on the market, saving time and space. Through an internet connection the unit can even send you notices to your smart phone when the load is finished.

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