Don't Let The Pool Take Over Your Home This Summer

Summer's official start date may be a few weeks away, but who pays attention to the calendar when San Antonio starts heating up? We've already seen triple digits and June isn't quite here. If your family has already been hitting the pool, chances are good that the mess has started invading your home. Poolside afternoons are great, but dripping kids and towels draped over chairs can make the most stylish homes feel out of sorts. Here are some tips for keeping the pool outside.

Changing Tent

If you don't have a restroom close to the pool or the poolside entrance to your home, a changing tent may be in order. Swimmers can slip into drier clothes before entering your house, leaving your floors free of drips and slipperiness.

Storage Bins

Little toys create big messes in the backyard. Pool floats, diving rings, water guns and other items add clutter quickly. Storage bins could be the answer you're looking for. To avoid excess water, mildew and mold, find a breathable bin that utilizes mesh or holes that water can drip through. Children and guests can easily add their play things to bins on their way out of the pool.

Drying Station

Wet clothing, towels and more are sure signs of a summer well-spent. But those same wet items can bog you down if they're left in a laundry room heap or left in piles outside. An outdoor clothesline or towel rack is a perfect solution. Your items will dry more quickly and keep the mess where it belongs.

Dedicated Clean Space

Even the best laid plans can go awry as summer laziness allows messes to creep back in. And with open floor plans being as popular as they are, it's easy for a mudroom mess to become a hallway mess and then a kitchen mess. Pick a space in your home that will always remain clutter-free. No matter what you choose, designating one particular spot to remain clean will give you just a little more peace of mind the next time you find a wet towel on your favorite chair.

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