Make A More Peaceful Home

With summer behind us, the hustle and bustle of fall has begun. Kids are back in school, vacation is a distant memory, and the holidays will be here before you know it. Your home should be a perfect refuge from the outside world. Creating a stress-free home isn't difficult when you consider the following ideas.

Clear the Clutter

If your space is a full of clutter, your mind will be, too. Protect certain areas of your home from the mess - kitchen counters, coffee tables, your bed. To combat clutter, try a 5-minute blitz each evening. The whole family can help by taking these few short minutes and tidying up and you'll be amazed what a difference just 5 minutes can make. You'll sleep better knowing that everything is in its place.

Take a Break from Tech Technology is a wonderful thing, but most of us will agree that it's become too big of a priority in our lives. Remove computers and television from the main living space and avoid using technology after a certain hour. By giving your brain a break from the stimulus of technology and blue light, you'll be helping yourself relax before bed.

Get Rid of Noise Depending on where you live, noise can be a big issue when it comes to finding peace. If you're close to a busy road or if your neighborhood has a lot of construction, do what you can to muffle the noise. Carpets, drapes, and other soft materials help absorb sound. Playing relaxing music in your home to drown out unpleasant noise can help, too. Use Color Choose your wall and decor colors wisely. While you may love red, it typically inspires feelings of strength and energy. It would be great for the kitchen or a workout room, but terrible in the bedroom. Blues and greens are wonderful choices for the bedroom, or other restful rooms in your home.

Lighting Matters Unless you absolutely need it, avoid overhead lighting in rooms where you'd like to relax. Mid-level lighting, sconces, and recessed lighting can be your best friends when it comes to creating a peaceful atmosphere.

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