Adding Fall's Hottest Colors To your Decor

We may still be enjoying warm weather, but fall is coming, and bringing along Pumpkin Spice Lattes, plaid flannel and cinnamon candles. Regardless of the weather, many of us feel a pull toward cozier colors and textures. Here's how you can bring fall hues into your home without redoing your entire decor.

This fall, embrace plum, forest green, dark gold, rust and teal to celebrate autumn.

While one of these bold colors would make fantastic options for an accent wall, it may be easier (and gentler on your wallet) to feature them in your smaller decor elements.

In The Kitchen/Dining Area

If you have neutral-colored dishes, seasonal updates to your table are simple. We love how this gold charger works with the plum napkins. The yellow mustard brightens up the table and adds a nice contrast to the depth of the plum.

In The Bedroom

Throw pillows, blankets, and flowers are your best friend in bedroom decor, allowing you to make simple changes for seasonal updates. The teal and mustard below balance each other out against neutral tones. The use of teal in the accent wall and curtains is great, but could also be achieved in the bedding.

In The Living Room

We love the way that the rust in the lamps, pillows, and wall art just pops. Each of those items are easy to trade out with the seasons. Of course, it's an added bonus that the sofa is also a dark turquoise - another on-trend color for fall.

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