Lighting Solutions For Every Room

Putting a little effort into your home's lighting can make a big difference. Interestingly enough, when lighting is great, you hardly notice it. When lighting is bad, it's hard to miss. Here are some tips to help you bring some life into each room of your home.


For any space, relying on one kind of lighting will give the room a flat feeling. It's time to embrace layered lighting, especially in rooms that see a lot of activity. In your living and family areas, consider how the space is used. If you get plenty of natural light, as do most newer homes, you may be able to get away without any overhead lights. In this case, use well-placed lamps at mid-level, making sure to avoid any glare on the television. Highlight (no pun intended) interesting architectural or decor features, like a fireplace or bookcases, with uplights placed on the floor or track lighting to light from above. Wall sconces or dimmable lights are a great choice.

KITCHEN Kitchen activity requires good overhead task lighting from track or inset lights, to ensure safe and clear food preparation. Many kitchens feature a central lighting fixture over a table or island. To give the room some dimension, install lighting beneath upper kitchen cabinets.


Let the lighting help the dining room table shine, with fixtures placed directly above the table. Dimmers are a great choice in a dining room because you can adjust the mood in the room depending on the occasion. Balance out the intensity of an overhead chandelier with wall sconces to flank the table. Consider adding an accent light to art on the walls if needed.


The bedroom is place where layered lighting is a must. Overhead task lighting is important for daily function, but in the evening, you'll want to ensure that you have enough light for bedside reading, but not so bright that you can't relax before bed. A set of table lamps for the nightstands fitted with dimmer bulbs is perfect. Create some ambience with floor lamps, architectural lighting or a pair of sconces. Remember that a mirror can add lighting and open up any room.

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