Home Trends for Fall 2017

Country Living recently published their predictions for home decor and design in Fall 2017. They say minimalistic white walls, industrial copper, and even marble are going to be a thing of the past. So, the question is, how chic do you want your home to be this fall? Which of the trends below do you love and what will you leave behind?

According to Taysha Murtaugh over at Country Living, here's the information you need:

LEAVE BEHIND: All-White Interiors

LEARN TO LOVE: Bold Colors

Whites, grays, and intense neutrals had a moment in the sun because of the clean and minimalist look they provided. But these days, designers are craving color and lots of it. Murtaugh writes that drama is in, with charcoals, blacks, and chocolates bringing a rich and luxurious feel to your walls.


LEARN TO LOVE: Faux Finishes

Don't worry - your countertops can stay. But designers are opting for "earthier materials, like wood, clay, and metal with worn finishes." The natural look is the way to go. And it doesn't end there, either. Flooring that mimics natural materials, like these porcelain tiles with a wood grain finish, are popping up all over.



Having trouble keeping up with your metals yet? Copper has been hot for a while, but it's popularity is on the decline. Instead, aged brass is on trend. Accents and furniture, like the table below, can provide quick updates to your decor.

LEAVE BEHIND: Cold and Stark Textures

LEARN TO LOVE: Plush and Woven

Again, designers are leaving the austere look of minimalism behind and looking for texture and warmth. Velvet, believe it or not, will soon be gracing the pages of home decor magazines everywhere. Woven textures, in baskets and rugs, provide a great contrast.

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