Outdoor Lighting 101

Late summer and early fall in San Antonio just seem to beg for nights out on the porch and in the backyard. Whether you're entertaining or enjoying a night at home with the family, the right outdoor lighting can make all the difference. Here's what you need to know.

Create A Mood

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your yard requires more than placing a few lights along your walkways. Just as you would do when decorating the interior of your home, take time to consider your style and needs as you plan your lighting. Start by thinking about your end goal. Are you wanting to ensure safety when people are in the backyard after sunset? Are you hoping to create a space for entertaining? Are you adding landscape lighting for a purely aesthetic reason? Your objective will make choosing and placing lighting easier.

Cover The Must-Haves

While you may have some fun and exciting lighting ideas, be sure to pay special attention to lighting pathways, entryways, driveways, steps, patios, trees, water features, and pools. The most important areas are the ones that have an impact on safety. Light should help family and guests avoid trips and falls, and most especially, the pool if you have one.

Combine Overall, Task, and Accent Lighting

In interior design, using a variety of lighting options can give a room depth that a single lighting source may avoid. This is why recessed and similar lighting features are popular. Use the same idea as you plan. You may opt to illuminate your entire landscape while using other, smaller lights to accentuate architecture or landscaping.

Don't Light During The Day

This may seem obvious, but position your landscape lighting after sun down so you can get a clear picture of how the shadows in your yard work. You can also get a better idea of hazards and you can avoid redoing the lighting, too!

Be A Good Neighbor

You may love your lighting, but if you end up shining your floodlights into your neighbor's bedroom, things will go downhill quickly. Inform your neighbors that you'll be setting up a lighting system and ask them to let you know if the light becomes an issue for their own home.

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