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Summer sunshine has us longing for a day on the beach! If you're looking to bring that beachy feel into your own home, year-round, then look no further. We've got your Mediterranean Style Guide right here!

What Is Mediterranean Style?

If you've spent any time watching HGTV, you've probably heard the term Mediterranean as it refers to home decor and architectural style. Geographically, it refers to the area of the world south of Greece, Italy, and Spain, so the design look matches a lot of what you may see in this region. That part of the world is known for sparkling turquoise waters, vibrant and colorful flowers, and sunny beaches. Though each country is different, you can expect a rustic feel from furniture and design - tile floors, stone walls, and the like.

Walls and Flooring

It's very typical to see stucco walls and terra-cotta tile in Mediterranean homes. Brightly colored mosaics are also common. The feel is big on texture, reminiscent of pieces handcrafted by an artisan. In your home, you may opt for a backsplash of hand-painted tiles to achieve this look.

Colors from the Landscape

The Mediterranean style draws on the sea and surrounding landscape. Use earthy colors like terra cotta, mustard yellow and deep red. Or invoke the sea and sunset with turquoise and royal blue and lavender. White walls accented with colorful accessories are usually seen in Greek Mediterranean homes, while Spanish Mediterranean will typically utilize more colorful palettes.

VIGO Mediterranean Seashell Glass Vessel Sink and Dior Faucet in Brushed Nickel from

Furniture and Accessories

Think rustic and colorful when it comes to your decor pieces. Smaller items are useful or meaningful - from iron cook wear to dried flowers. Water is a common theme in Mediterranean decor. Consider a fountain or other water feature, or paintings in blues and greens, calling to mind the ocean. Furniture finishes are not too smooth and polished. Natural elements like stone and real wood are perfect. Large-scale furnishings like tables large enough for your extended family (remember, My Big Fat Greek Wedding?) are another popular feature in this look.

Corsica Rectangle Pedestal Dining Table With 2-20" Leaves

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