Your June Garden

Temperatures are rising this month, marking the end of planting season. You can still sow some seeds, especially in the beginning of the month, but our summer focus will be on maintenance. However, lots of nurseries will have wonderful plants on clearance and you can usually find some great deals.

We've got some tips on keeping your garden looking lovely throughout the summer, but for a full and quite extensive list of tips, visit the blog at Rainbow Gardens.

Tend To Your Bulbs and Flowers

It's common to see leaves start to yellow around this time of year. If the foliage has turned yellow and fallen to the ground (or if it can be pulled off with no resistance) you can add them to your compost pile. If you pull the leaves off before they're ready, the damage can affect the next season of growth.

Keep An Eye On Pests

There are a few telltale signs of garden pests, and if you catch them now, you'll be able to avoid larger areas of damage in the future. Spotted leaves on tomatoes should be removed and thrown way as soon as you see them. Azaleas with black spots on the bottoms of leaves is a sign of Lacebugs. Keep an eye out for caterpillars, aphids, and spider mites, among other pests.

Leave The Bees Alone!

Check the property for new bee hives and nests. Don't remove these wonderful pollinators unless they're aggressive, but know where they are so you can avoid their areas.

Mow Regularly

Your lawn will grow faster in the summer months, so avoid letting it grow too long. Water deeply, letting the water soak into the soil. And be sure to follow watering restrictions!

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