These Garden Trends Are "Growing" In Popularity

When it comes to your landscaping, you may not think of staying "on trend", but there are quite a few looks that are becoming more and more popular this year. As you'll see from these growing trends, the idea is to adapt to nature rather than force it to adapt to your needs and preferences.

Extreme Naturalism Last year, the Alpine Society was the big winner at Britain's RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with a garden that embraced locally available plants and flowers and their natural growth. Just as the rest of the world races toward more organic elements in food, makeup, cleaning products, and more, so goes the gardening world.


Piggy-backing on the Extreme Naturalism trend is the use of more edibles in gardening. People are growing more conscious of the food waste produced each day, and growing your own food is an answer to that. Herb and vegetable gardens and fruit trees are popping up all over. Other benefits include better flavor, fresher ingredients, cost (free!), and knowing where your produce is coming from.

Easy Care Plants and Gardens

Let's face it, we're all getting busier. The demands of family life make maintaining a beautiful landscape seem unrealistic. Gardens are featuring hardier plants, including succulents, making them easier to care for. Xeriscaping, a trend that takes advantage of your yard's natural climate and water supply is appearing all over the blogs we follow. People want to enjoy the beauty of their yards without struggling to keep things alive.

Less Lawn To Care For

Lawns can be extremely high maintenance, especially here in South Central Texas. Instead of spending time, money, and lots of water keeping it lush and green, many are opting to use the space for the purposes listed above.


According to Architectural Digest, one of this year's biggest trends is to repurpose items for your garden, whether that's finding a unique item to use as a planter box, or using indoor items in your outdoor space. Kate Anne Riemer from Kate Anne Designs in Los Angeles says, "I feel like part of having a hip garden is being kind to the environment, not wasting water, and recycling where you can. I’m also finding more solar-powered lanterns that you can hang from trees, which I think is such a great affordable fix.”


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