Love It Or Leave It? Design Trends for Summer 2017

You can't escape it - summer starts to hit San Antonio in late April and by mid-May, it's here to stay. As the weather changes, you may be looking for ways to introduce some carefree summer style into your home. We've got a few of the season's hottest trends - you decide if they fit your home and your tastes!

Bright and Bold Colors

Kiss gray and beige decor elements goodbye until the fall. Summer is begging for the brightest and boldest hues in home decor. Caribbean blues, exotic oranges, and enticing magentas are all the rage in the summer months. Whether you're brave enough to add these colors to the walls or more timidly buy some colorful flowers for the deck, the bright colors will put you in a summer mood.


Who would ever thing flamingos could be so chic? This summer, you'll see them popping up all over. But these flamingos aren't the plastic yard decorations you've seen in the past. Check them out on Pier One's Fannie Pink Flamingo Printed Napkins.

Big Florals

We've seen this design trend in fashion as well, but large print florals are the go-to print for summer in home decor as well. This Antigua Hibiscus Outdoor Rug from is just one example. The big flowers will remind you of being in the tropics - perfect for dreaming of a summer getaway to paradise.

Lighter Wood

Dark cherry and mahogany have been popular for years, but the trend is coming back around to light wood - the lighter the better - in dusty browns and grays. Take a look at this beautiful light Moraga Coffee Table from Pottery Barn. The light wood and soft style bring you right to the beach.


This is no surprise - we've been seeing succulents grow in popularity for a while now, and using them as decor elements is all the rage. The trend continues into summer, making those of us without extra-green thumbs happy. They're low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for lazy summer gardeners. For inspiration, browse this gallery on

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