Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a staple for custom homes in Texas. People seem to love joining their indoor and outdoor spaces to create an area that family and guests can enjoy. If you're ready to create your own outdoor space, you'll want to consider the following tips.


The first thing you should do is determine what items are necessities for your outdoor kitchen. A basic kitchen will need a grill or gas cooktop, refrigerator, sink, counters, cabinets, and a space to eat. Depending on your budget and style, you may decide to upgrade to a pizza oven, bar, or other extras. Think of your current cooking habits and use that as a starting point for what you'll need. As you design and build, these elements will play a crucial part in determining how many outlets you need, the kind of sink that will work best for your use, and more.


After you've determined what you'll need in your outdoor kitchen, it's time to figure out how the pieces will all fit together. The shape and size of the kitchen will ultimately depend on space, budget, and necessities, but you'll want to make sure you have a space for preparing food, cooking, dining, and cleaning. As a general rule, most of us would rather have too much counter space than too little.


Your outdoor kitchen will face a lot more wear and tear than your indoor spaces. You'll want to select durable, weather-proof options that reflect your style. Flooring should be slip-resistant, especially if your backyard also includes a pool area. Counter tops should be water, weather, scratch, and stain resistant as well. Options like granite and polished concrete are great for avoiding oil and grease absorption. There are many other options, and your contractor will be able to guide you.

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