Creating Farmhouse Chic at Home

If there's one thing we've learned from Chip and Joanna Gaines, it's that Farmhouse Chic is IN for 2017, and it's popularity isn't fading. If you're loving the style, but not looking for a complete overhaul of your home, we've got a few ideas for you. Here's how you can embrace the feeling of Farmhouse Chic while keeping (most of) your current decor.

Rustic Finishes

Weathered finishes work double duty. While adding to the Farmhouse look, the finishes make your space appear more comfortable and approachable to guests.

Functional Furniture and Elements

The Farmhouse look is inspired by the efficient way of living required on working farms. Pieces serve a purpose, from a deep and durable farmhouse sink to wide barn doors (we love these gorgeous sliding doors from Rustica Hardware) to pretty, but practical couches you can actually sit on!

Natural Elements

Dried flowers, live herbs in the kitchen windowsill - bring the outside in! These natural pieces will give your rooms life. If you have a green thumb, use it! If you don't, you can use floral or greenery-inspired decor pieces to give an earthy and natural feel to your home.

Art With Character

Farmhouse Chic art can range from vintage paintings with age-worn frames to elemental pieces like shutters and windows to retro signs and letters. A repurposed feel is a plus!

Open Shelving

This trend is certainly not exclusive to Farmhouse Chic, but you'll rarely find a farmhouse kitchen without it. Think of kitchen shelves as another way to decorate, adding knick knacks among your collection of dishes for character.

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