4 Surprisingly Dirty Spots In Your Home

Germs can live - and thrive- in some unexpected places in the home. You may not think the 4 spots below are inviting homes for bacteria, but they are. Don't worry - we also tell you how to handle them.

Your Kitchen Sink

You may think that with all the soap and water your kitchen sink sees, it can't possibly be one of the worst spots in the house. However, soaking dirty dishes in the sink creates a breeding ground for bacteria, including things like salmonella and E. coli. Make sure you take extra steps to disinfect. It's recommended that you wash your sink with a bleach and water solution at least once each day, letting the solution flow into the drain. Don't forget to wash your hands after!

Your Toothbrush
Get ready to be grossed out. It's in your mouth twice a day - and it's home to lots of bacteria, who love the moist area. Not only that, but if it's in proximity to the toilet, you're probably at risk for moisture contaminated with bacteria and viruses as well. To avoid these germs, make sure your toothbrush can dry between uses (don't store it in the medicine cabinet or immediately cover it). Replace often!
The Remote
Every hand in your house has handled the remote - and even some guests. You may have even spent a sick day on the couch, flipping through channels. But when was the last time you wiped it clean? It happens to be one of the germiest surfaces in your house. Clean it often, getting in between buttons with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

Your Computer Keyboard

Yep - for the same reason as above, your computer keyboard is covered in germs. Your keyboard also sees food, sneezes and coughs, and much more. Wash your hands before and after sitting down at the computer. If you eat at the desk, use a keyboard guard to avoid dropping crumbs between the keys. You can also wipe down keys with rubbing alcohol, but be careful not to get the device too wet.

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