Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Splish splash, it's time for a bath!

Or at least a bathroom kids can use comfortably. Whether your children have a bathroom all to themselves or they're sharing it with mom and dad, you'll want to make some of the changes we suggest below to keep the area clean, safe, and kid-friendly.

Give Them A Boost

If your children need to stand on their toes to reach the sink, grab a towel, or pump the soap dispenser, you'll need a step stool to keep them (and your fixtures and belongings) safe. Step stools like this one keep your design fresh and fold away when not in use.

Tiny Tiles

Smaller feet aren't used to slowing down. Smaller ceramic tiles with lots of grout lines (or even anti-slip tile) can keep your children safe when it comes to running, jumping, and hopping on wet bathroom floors.

Storage Is Your Friend

If you have multiple children using the bathroom, a simple towel rack and toothbrush holder may not do the trick. Check out this DIY bathroom hook organizer from Sugar Bee Crafts. If you're not artistically inclined, a cosmetic organizer like this one is great for separating children's items.

Bring It Down

Instead of expecting little ones to hop up to reach higher items, why not bring mirrors and hooks down to their level? It won't last forever, so buy a cheap mirror to hang low enough for toddlers to see.

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