Low Maintenance Live Plants To Brighten Up Your Home

Hosting live plants in your home has certain benefits. Aside from their visual appeal, they help keep your air cleaner and healthier for your family. You may not have been gifted with a green thumb, but that's no excuse for not bringing the outside in! We've got 8 plants that are low-maintenance, just for you!


Aloe, or Aloe Vera, is best known for the soothing gel it provides for cuts and burns. It's plump leaves hold lots of liquid, so you don't need to water more often than every two or three weeks.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants add visual interest to any room, with their spindly leaves. They work as potted plants or hanging plants and need moist soil and bright to medium light.


With their fan-like leaves, Philodendrons have a tropical look and come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are hardy and survive well, even with some neglect. Be careful with Philodendrons if you have pets as the leaves can be poisonous to animals.


Most succulents do well with minimal care, and Jade among them. With thick leaves and interesting branches, it adds visual appeal as well. It requires little water and grows slowly.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns need a cool place, with high humidity and indirect light. They need very little attention and are safe for pets...what more could you want?

Snake Plant

Also konwn as Mother-In-Law's Tongue, this plant is prettier than it sounds. It's green leaves grow upright, and some leaves have yellow or white edges. You may even see some of it's small white flowers, though blooming Snake Plants are somewhat rare. The plant grows well in different lighting conditions and under normal room temperature.


With upright, pointed leaves, you won't be surprised to learn that the Bromeliad is a cousin of the pineapple. Though it has an ornate look, it's actually very easy to take care of. It thrives under a wide spread of temperatures and only needs watering about once a week. It is not safe for animal, though, so use with caution.


This succulent has a similar appearance to another succulent, Hen and Chicks. It grows in a lovely bloom-like shape and with many varieties and colors, you'll have a lot to choose from. They need lots of light and moist soil, but their hardiness makes them a great choice for a low-maintenance indoor plant.

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