Helping Your Guests Feel At Home

Many of us plan on entertaining overnight guests during the holidays. If you've opened your home to visitors before, you'll know that it can come with awkward moments as you figure out how to share your space. Here are some tips for making the experience pleasant for both you and your guests.

Plan Activities, But Don't Forget Downtime

Your guests will naturally want to experience your town and neighborhood. Pick your favorite spots and plan for some adventures. But none of us like a day full of fun with no chance to rest. Set aside time when both you and your guests can relax at home and even take a nap.

Give A Guided Tour, With Perks

As you take your visitors through the home, let them know where they can feel at ease. Show them the cupboard where they can find cups or silverware, let them know how they can help themselves to food if they're hungry, etc. A quick tour around the neighborhood is a great idea if your houseguests enjoy running or walking or have children who may want to see the neighborhood park.

Include Them

While you want your friends and family to relax, asking for help in the kitchen is a great way to ease tension and awkward silences. This will give everyone something to do while helping them feel at home.

Provide Extras

Tell your guests that you're ready for their arrival by stocking their room with extra things they might need. Toiletries, extra towels, current magazines, and even little snacks make for a wonderful welcome package. And don't forget the Wi-fi password and instructions on how to operate the television!

Be Flexible

You can't possible account for every hiccup. Moods change, weather changes, and if your guests have brought kids, you should be ready for anything! Don't get frustrated if plans fall through - your guests may feel guilty or uncomfortable. Prepare for the worst, expect the best, and go with the flow!

Think Ahead

After the visit is through, your guests will still have a trek home to worry about. Give them access to your washer and dryer, provide them with snacks for their drive or flight, and any other little things that may ease their travel time.

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