Choosing the Right Curtains

The right (or wrong) curtains can completely transform any room. They go far beyond simple window dressing. When it comes to adding that finishing touch to your home, there are many colors, hardwares, textures, styles, and lengths to choose from. Where do you begin?


Let's start at the top. Your curtain rod should relate to the style of the room. If you have a traditional style, a modern or industrial rod and hardware will look out of place and disconnected. Read about the different styles of hardware at


Curtains typically come in one of four lengths:

  • Sill (touching the window sill)

  • Apron (extending just beyond the window sill)

  • Floor (stopping just above the floor)

  • Puddle (long, with fabric gathering on the floor)

Sill and apron curtains are generally seen in kitchens or in less formal rooms, while more elegant rooms and decors call for floor and puddle length curtains.


Obviously, the color you choose for your curtains should compliment your existing decor. You can decide if you'd like your curtains to blend in with the decor or stand out and make a statement. If you'd like the curtains to blend in, choose a color within the same color family as your wall, perhaps a few shades darker or lighter.


Consider the mood of the room before you determine a texture. For example, dry-clean only options like silk or velvet are impractical for rooms that get a lot of traffic or have children playing. Linen and cotton give a more casual and child-friendly feel.

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