What Makes A Luxury Home?

When many people hear the term "Luxury Home", they may think of sprawling and palatial estates with resort essentials. While these things do convey luxury, the face of the luxury market is ever-changing. So, what makes a home "luxury?"

Smart Homes

Smart home features were once the stuff of science fiction, and now, they're luxury home standards. You can monitor and control everything in your home, from temperature and lighting to security and even appliances. The more sophisticated the technology, the more luxurious the home.


Luxury homes are meant to fulfill fantasies. They're filled with amenities like home theaters, gourmet kitchens, wine cellars, leisure facilities like pools and tennis courts, all topped off with amazing views.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Modern luxury homes include an outdoor kitchen or dining area, a fire pit and water elements such as an infinity pool or koi pond.

Spa Bathrooms

Functionality is important, but luxury homes feature bathroom retreats. Bathrooms mirror what you would find at a world-class resort. Homeowners look for features like walk in showers, rain showers, large tubs, heated floors, and towel and toilet warmers. Natural elements like wood and stone contribute to the spa-like feel.

Home Gyms

Why make a trip to a gym when you can fill your home with the equipment you need to stay fit? A home gym is fully equipped with built in speakers, a flat screen TV, workout equipment and some even include an indoor lap pool.

Quality Materials

The most elite luxury homes wouldn't be luxury if they weren't built with high-quality materials. Homeowners look for stone, tile or real wood instead of carpet or laminate flooring.

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