Decorating With Red

Even though it seems like a bold choice, red is almost a neutral color when it comes to home decor. It goes well with so many other color schemes. According to red can have a stimulating effect on your mood when you incorporate it into your decor:

"Red raises a room’s energy level. The most intense color, it pumps the adrenaline like no other hue. It is a good choice when you want to stir up excitement, particularly at night. In the living room or dining room, red draws people together and stimulates conversation. In an entryway, it creates a strong first impression.Red has been shown to raise blood pressure and speed respiration and heart rate. It is usually considered too stimulating for bedrooms, but if you’re typically in the room only after dark, you’ll be seeing it mostly by lamplight, when the color will appear muted, rich and elegant."


If you're interested in bringing more red into your home, start small. Dip your toe in with a set of throw pillows like these from

Wall art, like this piece from World Market, is also an easy way to add a pop of color without making a big commitment.

Of course, if you're feeling a little bolder, it might be time to make a splash with red walls. When choosing a shade of red, be careful! A red with too much orange in it tends toward anxiety, according to color psychology. Bluer reds are stimulating without being overpowering. recommends painting a piece of poster board with a swatch of your color and testing it out in different areas of the room. The larger swatch will give you a better sense of what's to come when the whole room is painted.

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