Smarter Thermostats

As we head for cooler weather, maintaining an energy-efficient home is important. A "smart" thermostat installed in your home can save you on your heating and cooling bills by automatically raising and lowering the temperature in your home at set times of the day as well as giving you the power to control it all by app.


The most popular of these Smart Thermostats is NEST, touted as a "learning" thermostat. The process is simple. You set a desired temperature for your home and the thermostat records how you move around your house and adjusts your temperature settings according to time of day and the habits of your family. Nest has sensors that detect when you've left the house and will adjust accordingly. It also works with Amazon's innovative Alexa system, so it will respond to your verbal cues. Nest runs for about $250.00 on


The EcoBee works very similarly to the Nest, but also uses physical sensors that you place throughout the home. The remote sensors allow for more accurate temperature adjustment which saves you money by restricting the heating and cooling to the areas you use the most. You can add up to 32 separate sensors. The EcoBee3 is available on Amazon for around $250.00.

The EcoBee and the Nest top almost every list we've seen of Smart Thermostats for your home. Honorable mentions include:

Honeywell Lyric Round

Wiser Air

Carrier Cor

We'd love to know if you've found something else you love.

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