Choosing The Right Floor Plan

Building a custom home can be an exciting endeavor. However, when choices and options about, the same exciting task can be intimidating. One story or two story? Traditional or contemporary? How large should the bedrooms be? How much extra space do you need? Hopefully, the list below will help you crack the code on your dream home.


Start by considering what size home will fit your lifestyle best. How many bedrooms do you need for your family? Are there enough bathrooms for both family and guests? Consider your family size and if you may be having more children or bringing an elderly relative into your home in the next several years.

Floor Plan Style

Do you prefer an open layout to hallways and separated rooms? Take your furniture into consideration. How will you decorate your finished home? Particularly with larger furniture, like a sectional sofa, you'll want to be sure that it has a home.

The Building Site

Your building site, the direction the home will face, the rising and setting sun...all of these things will make a difference as you choose a floor plan. Where will you want your largest windows? Will you need a deck or a patio? Will you be leaving room for a pool or outdoor kitchen in the backyard?

Where You Spend Your Time

Think about where your family spends the most amount of time. If you spend time together in living areas, these will need to be a little larger than the bedrooms. If you spend your days separated, perhaps the bedrooms will need to be larger.


We've all dreamed of living in a sprawling estate. But before getting your heart set on a specific floor plan, be sure you understand your budget as well as the costs associated with the layout.

At McNair Custom Homes, we've made this process even easier. Not sure of all the questions to ask or exactly what you want? We have the answer for you! Introducing The Guide: Your Custom Home Journey Starts Here with McNair Custom Homes, a step by step, room by room guide to help make sure that you get the home of your dreams, just the way you want it. Get your free copy today at Whole Foods or call the McNair Custom Homes main office at 210-408-6511.


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