Home Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed (Media Room Edition)

The future is here! These state-of-the-art technology systems will make your man cave or media room the talk of the neighborhood.

iRule Cloud-Based Universal Remote Control System - $49.99

As seen on Houzz.com

It seems like everything is Cloud-based these days. For those who aren't quite sure how the Cloud works: instead of software taking up space on your computer or phone, your device accesses the software or information while it's stored on the internet, making sure that your own devices aren't cluttered with the memory it would take to power those programs and systems. The iRule Universal Remote Control System uses this same technology for your television.

iRule is accessed via app on your iPhone or iPad, along with a paid subscription through the iRule site. the program will guide you through set up and customizations (which will stay in the Cloud even if you lose your phone or delete the app).

LG OLED TVs - Starting at $4,000.00

As seen on LG.com

LG's new OLED TVs use "revolutionary self-lighting pixels, individually controlled to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast. It has an expanded color palette virtually identical to today’s digital cinemas, enjoyable from a wide viewing angle." Exceptional picture quality, wide viewing angle, billion color picture, and slim and stylish design make this the perfect addition for any movie buff.

UCVR VIEW 3D Virtual Reality Glasses - $80.00

As seen on EveryBuying.net

Virtual Reality is become more commonplace all the time. In fact, for the first time ever, the Olympics were available in VR. These particular VR glasses are lightweight, fit most smart phones, and "give you the experience of 360 degrees full view, with full three-dimensional gaming and video watching experiences."

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