Choosing the Right Neighborhood

When you're purchasing or building a home, choosing the neighborhood you'll live in is almost as important as choosing the home itself! You'll need to consider schools, safety, environment, and more - so where do you begin?

Make A List

Start by making a list of what's most important to you with your family. What are you looking for? Something suburban, urban, or rural? A family-friendly area? Stores and restaurants close enough to walk to? Close enough to drive to? Think about the kind of leisure activities you enjoy and add those to your list.

Zero In

Once you've made your list, start your research and ask around. If you're moving from out of town, you'll need a little help from online communities. Figure out which areas of the city match the most points on your list.


By now, you've chosen a few neighborhoods that might meet your criteria. If you're able, it's a great idea to get a feel for the area at both day and night to see how comfortable you feel. An evening in the right neighborhood might be all you need to narrow your choices down to "the one." You can also research crime statistics, school performance, local features, and area organizations to decide what best fits your family's needs.

Find The Home

Once you've cross the huge hurdle of choosing where to live, it's time to close in on the perfect home. This can prove to be a little more challenging as there are so many more things that go in to finding your dream home. Fortunately, McNair Custom Homes has that part all figured out. Give us a call at 210-408-6511 to start planning your home today.

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