Home Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed (Bathroom Edition)

The future is here - all of the things that seem possibly only in futuristic movies and books are now making their way into your real life home. This month, we're exploring the most technologically advanced gadgets for your bathroom.

Vanishing Vanity TV

The Seura Vanishing Vanity TV mirror transforms your bathroom mirror into a stunning TV that every member of your family can enjoy. Catch up on the latest news or watch your favorite show while you get ready in the morning.


Sound Therapy Bathtub

VibrCoustic by Koehler adapts the science of sound therapy, proven to ease stress and enhance well-being. Through collaboration with sound therapists, there are four present instrumental compositions to “to encourage your breath and heart rate to synchronize with a slower rhythm. Your body and mind are led to an oasis of calm repose.”


LED Temperature Control

The Ametis Faucet features an LED light ring that glows red or blue to indicate water temperature while the lever makes it easy to adjust both temperature and water pressure with one hand.


Towel-Warming Drawer

A heated towel rack might not be an option for you if there are younger children or elderly family members in your home. But tucked away into a drawer, a towel warmer can bring luxurious comfort and safety into your bathroom.


Fog-Free Mirrors

ClearMirror is an innovative way to defog your existing or soon-to-be-installed bathroom mirrors. It is a thin heater (1/16" thick) that adheres to the back of your mirror and can be wired to the same power supply as the bathroom light or exhaust fan for convenient installation.


Would you incorporate any of these high-tech bathroom additions into your bath zone? Or are there any gadgets that you wish were on the list?

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