Wallpaper's Big Comeback

When you think of wallpaper, what do you think of? Grandma's kitchen? An outdated hotel? If so, it's time to think again, because wallpaper is coming back in big ways. When done well, wallpaper can be clean, modern, and beautiful.

Papers have been vastly improved in recent years, and the improvements have made them easier to remove without damage and easier to hang! They're now modern and eco-friendly and even younger homeowners are opting for the look - which is now decidedly modern!

While wallpaper still is produced on paper, it also comes in vinyl for use in high-traffic areas. Even more interesting is the fact that wallpaper isn't just for walls anymore. Decorators and designers are using it in a huge variety of ways, including lining bookshelves and drawers, accenting nooks in their home, and more. Like paint, it can add color and texture to a space as well as a fun factor. Although it’s much easier to use than it used to be, most designers still suggest having it professionally installed.

Current trends in wallpaper prints include:

Geometric and Art Deco

Natural Textures


If you're interested in wallpaper but not ready to take the plunge then dip your toe in slowly! Start small with an accent wall in a bathroom or lining bookcase shelves. So where do you stand on the wallpaper trend? Are you ready to bring it into your home?

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