Looking for Inspiration? Start Here!

Whether you’re trying to create a look for rooms in your home or for your whole house, it can be difficult to find home design inspiration. There is such a thing as “designer’s block” after all. You want to feel great in your home – relaxed, comfortable, and safe. If trying to create those feelings through design is frustrating, it’s time to start looking for inspiration!


There are countless websites to help you find that go-to look for your home, even beyond the obvious places like Pinterest and HGTV.com. Consider sites like Houzz.com, a social media platform that allows you to create an account, browse through designs from all over the world, save what you love, connect with professionals, and interact with a community of design enthusiasts, from amateur to expert. And from modern to traditional styles Decoist.com sources the most unique home inspirations from across the globe.


Print may be disappearing, but while you’ve still got some magazines lying around scour them for ideas. Don’t just look for examples of stunning home décor – pull pages with color schemes you adore or graphic elements you can’t get enough of and think of how you can duplicate those ideas in your décor.

Your Friend’s House

You friend and family can give you plenty of ideas of things you like (or things you don’t!). Next time you are having coffee with a friend, take a look around and really work out what you love about where you are sitting – what works for you?


New colors, places, and more fill our senses when we get some time away from home. Next time you go away really take in what you see, and you could recreate some aspects of another part of the world in your home – you’ll be inspired, but you’ll also be personalizing your home to you and your experiences.

Your Wardrobe

The colors and styles you love most are already a part of your daily life. You purchase and wear what you feel good in. Any of your favorite apparel items can be a great starting point for room design.


Nature is a wonderful thing – and there are so many colors, textures and ideas to be gained from a walk in your local park or gardens. Look at the different seasons, do you love the warm shades of autumn or the grey tones of winter, or do you prefer the pastels of spring or deeper bright colors of summer? There’s your starting point!

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