3 Easy Way To Add Some Drama To Your Decor

Neutrals have long been a trend in home decor. Benjamin Moore even declared white as it's color of the year! With beige, cream, tan, and mascarpone being such big deals in interior design, you may be craving a little drama! Regardless of the color of your walls, we've got some great ideas to help you make bold statements!

Add A Focal Point

Well-designed rooms often have a focal point — something that catches the eye the moment you enter. The focal point can be a light fixture, an architectural feature, a painting or other element, or even the color on the wall. Choosing the right item to emphasize sets the tone and mood for a space. Take a look at these examples.

Vary Your Lighting

By using individual lamps, candles, and different lighting sources instead of flooding the whole bedroom with one bright light, you'll create a cozier and more intimate mood in any room of your home.

Cover Windows Well

The right window treatments can make a dramatic difference. Floor to ceiling drapes create a rich and full look, and matching the drapes to the wall will create a more restful and calming atmosphere and make any room appear larger.

Sources: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/205959/list/10-ways-to-design-a-dramatic-bedroom-of-your-own



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