What Does The Color On Your Walls Say About You?

From moody blue to mellow yellow - we've all heard that color affects our mood and typically reflects our personality. So what exactly does the color on the wall say about you? And why are you drawn to it?

RED paint is a color often chosen by people who have a passion for life! You are warm, energetic, and ready to take on the world. As red traditionally calls to mind power and drive, it is often chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive – or someone who would like to be! If you're looking to embrace your own strength and ambition, consider using red paint to inspire your mind toward these traits every day!

Few people choose ORANGE when deciding on an interior color because picking the right shade can be overwhelming. But orange is also the color of courage and curiosity. People who choose orange in their homes are usually friendly, nurturing, and love hosting others.

YELLOW is often associated with optimism and happiness. The color can activate our memories, stimulating the nervous system and promoting our innate creativity. If you have shades of yellow on your walls, from banana to goldenrod, chances are you have friends who describe you as content, with a sunshine personality.

People who choose GREEN for the walls in their home are usually affectionate, compassionate, and loyal. Green can also call to mind a desire for peace and harmony. A calm and balancing color, green may be the perfect choice for your office, bedroom, or meditation space.

Shades of BLUE are tried and true and suit people who have (or want) a soft and soothing demeanor. Blue represents calmness and tranquility. If your walls are blue, you may see your home or space as a place to relax after a hectic workday. Introverts are also drawn to blue.

Creative people are typically drawn to shades of PURPLE. If violet is your choice, you probably have a confident and outgoing personality to match. Purple can also bring a connotation of glamour and royalty. People who love purple may also be a little eclectic in their design tastes - unconventionality goes along with creativity.

BROWN is one of the most comforting colors, so it's a top choice for any living space. People who appreciate shades of brown and tan on their walls are intent on making their homes seem inviting and warm.

BLACK and GRAY aren't just for Kardashians! People who choose a dark wall color have sophisticated taste (without showing it off) and may like order and direction in their lives. Entering a room with these colors can be like entering a dark and comforting sanctuary.

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