Home Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed: Kitchen Edition

The future is now - at least it would seem so when you take a look at today's kitchen gadgets! From uber user-friendly ovens to smart water purifiers, these high-tech kitchen tools will change the way you work, live, and use your space. We've got five of our favorites listed below.


Hiku is part magnet, part personal-shopper. Connecting to an app on your phone, Hiku allows you to scan food items when they're running low and automatically adds them to your grocery list. It's voice recognition software allows you to tell it what you need, in case you can't scan an item, and it's clever enough to connect itself to online stores to keep your wish lists exactly where you need them.


Has your coffee gone cold again? Designed with precision in mind it gives you the freedom of heating any liquid at your very own temperature, directly in the vessel of your choice.

Smarter Kettle

If you start your morning with a cup of tea, the Smarter Kettle allows you to boil your water from the comfort of your own bed, using it's connecting app. By the time you get to the kitchen, your water is ready to go, at exactly the temperature you'd like.

Verilux Sanitizing Wand

A sanitizing wand like this one will help you kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria living on your kitchen surfaces. It's UV lighting works quickly and easily, allowing you to prep food safely and with confidence in your clean kitchen.

5. iChef+ Oven

This space-age oven comes right out of the science fiction shows you watched as a kid! It's an oven with a built-in cookbook, allowing you to program up to three steps in your cooking or baking process. It even allows you to store recipes and add to it's large library of presets. While it isn't available in the US just yet (it starts shipping in Europe this year), you can be sure it will be a big hit when it gets here!

So what do you think? Which of these fascinating gadgets is at the top of your wish list?

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