How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Grilling Paradise

Did you know that July Is National Grilling Month?

If you've ever thought about building an outdoor kitchen, consider the following design tips as you make your plans:

FLOORING: There are many flooring options when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. Consider options that are both stain resistant and allow for cleaning, as grease build up can become slippery and can also stain your surface.

COUNTERTOPS: While dark stone counters look beautiful, they may get too hot in the summer outdoors when not sheltered by an overhead structure, especially in Texas. In general, dark stone absorbs heat during the day and may become difficult to work on where exposed to direct sun.

COUNTER SPACE: Food prep for grilling usually requires a good deal of space, especially when you take into consideration the utensils, landing area for cooked food, space for salads, fruit, and other non-grillables, and a space to put dishes waiting to be cleaned. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room.

YOUR GRILL: You want your grill to last a long time. While there are lots of options at every price point, you may want to "splurge" on a grill that will last you a very long time. Look for something with good quality stainless steel and flawless metalwork.

THE SINK: Some outdoor kitchen designs feature very small sinks, but you'll thank yourself later for building with a larger one. The general rule is: if it's necessary for your indoor kitchen, it's necessary for your outdoor kitchen.

LIGHTING: If you plan on really utilizing your space in the evenings, you'll want to be sure it's well-lit, safe and easily accessible for your family and your guests.


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