Home Safety Ideas That Won't Make You Cringe

If you have young children, pets, or even elderly family members in your household, safety is a priority. But it doesn't have to come at the expense of aesthetics. We've found a few ideas that keep your family safe without filling it with the typical white plastic that usually comes with home safety products.

Pet and Baby Safety Gates

These decorative mesh gates keep your pets safe in style. Find them at Frontgate.com.

Pocket Doors

A custom-installed pocket door allows you to hide the gate out of sight when it isn't needed. ​You can see some beautiful examples of pocket doors at DecoratingFiles.com.

For the creatively inclined, this DIY gate from Huffington Post keeps the look of your home and doorways consistent.

Sharp Edges

Say goodbye to pointy corners by swapping your coffee table out for an upholstered ottoman. The one pictured here is from Wayfair.com.

Electrical Safety

While there are a lot of products that offer outlet protection, but very few that are easy to customize. The CoverPlug is a plain white panel with posts that secure it to your outlet. It's easy to paint or cover with wallpaper to match your decor. Find it here.

Around the Pool

A glass gate around your pool, like this one from AquaviewFencing.com, prevent serious accidents and fatal drowning around your swimming pool, spa and waterfront.

Landscape Designer Randy Thueme designed these acrylic bubble rods to act as a fence around the pool.

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