Before Building Your Custom Home...

BUILDING A CUSTOM HOME is an exciting process and a big undertaking. Creating your own abode from scratch takes time, patience and engagement, and many wonder where to start? Should you shop for a neighborhood? Maybe begin by looking at floor plans? Let’s talk about it...

YOUR BUDGET The most important component to building a custom home is deciding on your budget. From the get-go, it is the single most important piece that drives your decisions throughout the building process. From discussing land, to project costs, and possible finishings, your construction budget will give you clarity when deciding which items on your “Want List” are most important to you and your family.


Your budget allocations should start with the home site and the costs associated with it. For example, does your site slope? If so, does your budget allow for the steps and other work required to accomodate the slope? Once you've identified the budget for your land then work your way into the floor plan layout considering exterior and interior finishes.


After you have committed to and laid out your budget, the next step will be to determine what you expect from your new home. Walk through your current home room-by-room and make a list of everything that works well, as well as the areas you’d like to change.

McNair Custom Homes can provides complimentary home site evaluations and can answer your questions regarding your budget. By approaching the building process systematically and continuously improving systems home after home, we can assure customer satisfaction is not a hit-or-miss proposition but a certainty every time.​ The rewards for our clients are streamlined involvement, accurate scheduling and budget savings, all while preserving the beauty of their vision. Our process gives you the tools and flexibility to create a home that is an expression of you. It’s the McNair Experience™.

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