9 Things to Remember When Planning Your Outdoor Living Area

Imagine stepping outside your home on a warm summer evening to grill steaks and enjoy a cool iced tea on the patio. Or inviting the boys over to watch the big game on your outdoor TV while the beers are kept chilled in your deck refrigerator. It’s a must have in many custom home plans, and for good reason! Even if you do not have plans for an outdoor kitchen, consider prepping for a future addition or improve your resale value by adding electrical, plumbing, and gas. These are low cost additions (when building) that will make your home more desirable down the road!

  1. Location: Determine your outdoor kitchen location first, keeping accessibility of sewer/septic in mind.

  2. Grill Placement: Select an area with adequate smoke ventilation.

  3. Utilities Planning: Installation of your gas, water, and electricity supply are determined by the location

  4. Backyard Cinema: Getting electrical and cable outlets outside will ensure you always have the option. And it’s great for your resale value as well.

  5. Pool: Even if you are not planning to have a pool, consider adding our pool package for resale purposes. It’s another low cost addition that will be appreciated by your future self OR future buyers.

  6. Outdoor Hose Faucets: Think about where you’d like to have them. Keep in mind activities like washing the car, hosing down the dog, watering plants, etc.

  7. Walking Paths: Make sure they’re barefoot friendly.

  8. Cooling: Consider extra fans (in addition to the ceiling fan) to keep cool during those Texas summers.

  9. Safety Considerations: Store a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible area. Install a glass safety shutoff valve in an easy to reach location. Include safety lighting for walkways & steps.

McNair Tips:

Make sure there is sufficient outdoor lighting - motion sensors are nice!

Select a pool with an autofill function for when you’re out of town.

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