Choosing a Neighborhood spoke with Katherine Loflin, a consultant in the new field of “placemaking,” about how to find your perfect community, and why that’s so important.

Location, Location, Location....We all know this is the number one factor when buying a new home. Priorities differ when thinking about location....some want to be close to work or family, while others want a certain lifestyle and ammenities. And, of course, there's those that want it all! Katherine Loflin just released a book called, “Place Match: The City Doctor’s Guide to Finding Where You Belong.” Let's get a little insight from her interview with

According to Loflin, "You live in a home, but your life happens in a place. Both are important to us living our best lives. From 2008 to 2010, I was the lead consultant in research that examined what makes people love where they live. The Knight Soul of the Community project in partnership with Gallup studied 26 U.S. diverse communities, nearly 43,000 people. The findings were remarkable. In every place studied, the same things came up as critical for creating quality-of-life places: People want a place they find beautiful, with opportunities that they enjoy, in an environment that feels welcoming. And places where residents were happy with those qualities experienced higher local economic growth."

According to Loflin, "First, create a wish list for the place you want. What kind of place are you seeking, given where you are in your life—kid-friendly, retiree destination, walkable, cultural offerings, quintessential experiences that you crave? Just as we know the kind of person we are seeking as a partner, we should know the kind of place where we would thrive. Next, spend some time there—date your place. And just like you should probably see your potential life partner with the flu before you marry, you have to learn about the challenges of the place. What are the issues the place is facing? Do you love it enough to want to help, or at least accept it?"

Life keeps happening - great things and a few trips along the way. We all look to our home to take solice, relax, rejuvinate and make memories. More than the number of bedrooms in a home people are giving higher priority to how it feels to live in the neighborhood.


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