10 Ideas to Make Your Home Even More Awesome

Like life, our homes are an ongoing and evolving work in progress. These 10 ideas to make your home even more awesome will add decor and functionality to any new or existing home.

1. Conceal your router in fancy storage boxes or hollow out a book.

Take those eye sores from ugh to ugh-MAZING!

2) Easily add some excitement to your bathroom with stone veneer.

You get all the benefits of a natural stone look without the high ticket price.

3) Paint cabinets for a fun, new look or to breathe life into aging rooms.

Whether painting walls, furniture or cabinets... paint can really liven up a room!

4) Transform the look of a bathroom by installing decorative trim around a plain plate-glass mirror.

5) Southern Living magazine's weblog suggests replacing an inoperable kitchen cabinet drawer with a paper towel roll.

6) Create a fun accent wall with easy to install (and remove) wallpaper.

This is not your Grandmother’s wallpaper. No, we are talking about all of the amazing new removable

wallpapers that are currently hitting the market. the new lines of removable wallpaper come in amazing

patterns and graphics that will make your room look like you hired an interior designer (and spent a fortune).

These wallpapers are easily removed by simply peeling them off (without harm to the wall underneath) and

most can be reused.

7) Apply stone or tile to the siding of the foundation of your home.

What many have been doing today, thanks to Faux Stone, is installing really nice looking faux stone panels

that are easy to install and maintain.

The next few ideas would require a remodel or be a design feature in your new home, but they’re too cool not to include!

8) Bring the Outdoors in with Accordion glass windows and doors.

9) Add a bar counter in your outdoor living area.

10) A two-sided fireplace between your jacuzzi tub and bedroom.

If you're looking to build a new home all of these ideas can be part of the design. The choice to build a custom home is a big decision. When you choose McNair Custom Homes you're partnering with a family owned company of experienced home builders. Over 35 years have been spent perfecting a unique process that's exciting and clear from start to finish. McNair has the most aggressive supplier pricing available, and the most loyal and experienced subcontractors in the industry. This allows McNair Custom Homes to have excellent cost control of their projects, enabling them to not only provide more home for their customers' dollar, but also to build to a wider range of budgets.

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