Unveiled! How to Add a Secret Room to Your Home

According to Realtor.com secret rooms are surging in popularity in homes across the country.

You walk into a study and see a full bookcase on the wall in front of you. Only books? I think not.... should you pull out a book titled, "Chemistry" the bookshelf swings to reveal a safe room. What was once only in the movies has become a very poplular new home trend across the country.

Elisa Morgante, an architect and co-principal of the Chicago-based architectural firm Morgante Wilson Architects, says, “Secret doors have definitely become more popular in the past few years.” According to Travis Humble, lead designer of Creative Home Engineering in Gilbert, AZ, over the past two years passageways to secret rooms have been “in really, really high demand.”

Whatever the reason, the secret’s out. Here’s some ideas to create a secret room of your very own.

A hidden bookshelf leading to a gun room.

Creative Home Engineering

According to Humble, "The coolest thing about secret rooms might be the tiny details, like a well-made lock." Humble recalled a project where a fake Lysol can could be used to send an unlock signal to the door, by pressing the dispenser’s cap.

Humble says, "We’ve also installed “knock-knock” locks that will only open if you knock in a very specific pattern. One client with an expensive wine collection had an unlock code that could only be triggered by turning three custom-made wine bottle switches in a certain combination." The locks can get much more complex than my "Chemistry" book example above!

A secret room designed where the theater wall itself lifts up.

Creative Home Engineering

According to Humble, the average cost to set up a secret door is between $10,000 - $15,000. He goes on to say, "Cost depends on several factors, including the type of wall treatment surrounding the door, the cost of the door and lock themselves, as well as extras, like concealing the door on both sides."

Turn the bottles the correct way, and voilà! Real wine!

So who’s buying into the not-so-secret-anymore secret room trend? "It’s split 50/50 between those who want security and those who want to have fun," Humble says. "Secret rooms and passageways can serve as storage or panic rooms, but for others, it’s “childhood fantasy.” “Sometimes owners of hidden rooms have kids they want to share the fantasy with,” Humble says. “It’s more for fun.”

McNair Custom Homes can design and build a secret room in your next custom home! By approaching the building process systematically and continuously improving systems home after home, we can assure customer satisfaction is not a hit-or-miss proposition but a certainty every time.​ The rewards for our clients are streamlined involvement, accurate scheduling and budget savings, all while preserving the beauty of their vision. Our process gives you the tools and flexibility to create a home that is an expression of you. It’s the McNair Experience™.

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