Pet Washing Stations

We all love our furry family members, but bath time can be quite the mess! Utility sinks are great solutions for smaller dogs, but how about the German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers and other large dogs?

Considering a solution to this while designing your McNair Custom Home will make bath time less of a chore for you and your four-legged loved ones. The laundry room is a great place to design a functional space for your pets. Which of the following dog washing trends would be best for your custom home?


According to Bath Tubs for Pets, step-in tubs are deeper from tub rim to tub bottom than standard tubs, so the tub bottom is closer to the floor. Your dog can get in and out easily with the lift-out door. These tubs include a patented hair cathing system and consists of an integral drain through the entire width (front to back) of the tub on the drain end, with a lift-out stainless steel fine-mesh basket that screens hair and debris out of drain.

Indoor Doggie Shower

During design and construction of your custom home it's not too many extra dollars to add a feature like this to your laundry room, and the reward will be less mess, comfort and ease for you and your furry friend. For those dogs who try escaping bath time, remember to add a hook on the wall to attach a short leash.

Outdoor Doggie Shower

The beauty of an outdoor doggie shower is it's useful for the whole family! If you have a pool, a quick rinse washes the chlorine off suits and can wash off residual chlorine from your hair and skin. Even without having a pool the kids and pets can both make a mess outside (sometimes mom & dad too). Having an outdoor shower keeps the dirt outside!

When you build a custom home you have the freedom to create any space in your home that will be an expression of you and your family. The McNair Experience™ is about offering unique, personalized and affordable custom homes. If you're ready to talk, we're happy to reach out and answer your questions.

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