Don't Let The Pool Take Over Your Home This Summer

Summer's official start date may be a few weeks away, but who pays attention to the calendar when San Antonio starts heating up? We've already seen triple digits and June isn't quite here. If your family has already been hitting the pool, chances are good that the mess has started invading your home. Poolside afternoons are great, but dripping kids and towels draped over chairs can make the most stylish homes feel out of sorts. Here are some tips for keeping the pool outside. Changing Tent If you don't have a restroom close to the pool or the poolside entrance to your home, a changing tent may be in order. Swimmers can slip into drier clothes before entering your house, leaving your floors f

Are You Ready For Summer?

Things are really heating up here in San Antonio. With blistering heat in May and more higher temps ahead, you'll want to be making sure your home is prepared for the summer months. WINDOWS It's time to clean your windows. Aside from a good cleaning, you'll want to check for cracked or damaged window panes. With the recent rains we've had, your weatherstripping may have some wear as well. Make repairs as necessary and get ready to let the sunshine in! BUGS Are your door and window screens intact? We've been seeing more mosquitos each year - no need to let in any uninvited guests! While you're at it, give each screen a good soap and water rinse. EXTERIOR Winter and spring can be rough on the

You Deserve A Stress Free Vacation

The end of the school year is upon us and vacation time is almost here! Whether you’re getting ready to leave town in a car or on a plane, our tips will take stress out of the picture. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN If there's something you can do way ahead of your trip - get it done! Making reservations may seem obvious, but getting your car tuned up, making arrangements to have your mail picked up or your plants watered, and alerting your neighbors to your absence are all great ways to stay on top of stress. When you're trying to get a whole family ready to go, you'll be glad these things have already been taken care of. DELEGATE Worried about getting things done? Time to assign some responsibilities. A

Does Your Foyer Need A Makeover?

The entryway or foyer of your new custom home conveys an important first impression to your guests. For homeowners bent on making it a great first impression, designers at suggest seven easy ways to make an entryway look larger, brighter, and more welcoming: MIRRORS A well placed mirror can instantly open up a space and add a luxurious feel. Splurge on a good one, framed or not as you wish, to grace your entryway for the long haul. FLOWERS We've often heard it said that every room of your house should be home to a live plant, and the foyer is no exception. Nothing freshens up a room quite like a vase full of fresh flowers. Not only are they beautiful, but your entryway will s

Who Needs Sleep? YOU DO - and here's how to get more of it in your home!

We spend so much of our lives in the bedroom, but it's an often-neglected space when it comes to thoughtful home decor. But the fact of the matter is that the way your bedroom is decorated can have impact the way you sleep. Below, we have 5 ways you can improve your bedroom for a better night's sleep. Sweet dreams! Lighting Proper lighting is crucial to your sleeping habits. If your bedroom has lots of bright lighting, it can confuse your brain at bedtime, when it should be dim. One improvement you can make is to adjust your lighting away from bright, overhead bulbs, and white light. Instead, use secondary lighting sources, like lamps or recessed fixtures with yellow tones. Color If warm, ca

Building A Home? Here's What's Worth Splurging On!

One of the most common concerns people have about building a custom home is staying on a budget. Even if you're ready to go big with your new home, there are still smart ways to watch your wallet. But we've got a list of splurge-worthy items that will make your investment shine. KITCHEN We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen. From cooking to entertaining to kids' homework to unwinding with family, the kitchen sees a lot of traffic. As (most likely) the busiest room in your home, you'll want quality products that can withstand daily wear and tear. As you plan, plan for this extra traffic and make sure you're building a kitchen that can stand well against these factors. STORAGE As you wo

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