Give Your Walls a Makeover - No Paint Necessary!

If you're wanting a new look without the pain of paint buckets, rollers, and stray drips, we've collected a few fantastic ideas for you here. From wallpaper to fabric, you can make a big change and still avoid the paint store. Wallpaper This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper. In fact, wallpaper is making a huge comeback with modern prints and bold choices. And don't panic about scraping and steaming, either. Manufacturers understand your pain, and new adhesive techniques make the hard work a thing of the past. Decoupage From pages of books to maps to photos, decoupaging your walls is becoming one of the next big things in wall decor. This technique gives the room a focal point as well as in

Buying A New Home This Spring? Here's What You Need To Look For

Location This may be one of the more obvious factors, but you want to be sure you're satisfied with the location of your new home. What's important to you? Area schools, communte, walkability, safety? Make a list of your location deal breakers and stick to it. A great home might dazzle you, but as the years pass and the new home excitement wears off, you won't want to be stuck in a location you don't love. Neighborhood The area might be a great fit, but what about the neighborhood? When you're seriously considering a home, visit on week days and weekends, evenings and daytime. Pay attention to resident behavior and the neigborhood atmosphere and see if it's in line with your expectations. Ho

Creating a Smart Home

Turning Your Home Into A Smart Home is Easy Smart technology is more popular than ever. Many homeowners are interested in applying this technology to their own home to make their lives easier. Most smart home technology can be controlled by phones, tablets, and Wi-Fi internet. Features To Consider Smart Video: Smart video cameras are essential for monitoring pets, children, your front door, and more. These cameras can monitor any area of your home and send footage to your phone, allowing you to securely see what's going on from anywhere in the world. Cameras can show both live images and record video, in case the worst should happen and video would need to be shown to law enforcement. Smart

Your March Garden

Welcome to March...a season of indecisiveness in San Antonio! The weather can't seem to decide whether it's going to be unseasonably warm or unseasonably cold! There's still a small risk of frosts in March, so you'll want to transplant with caution, In fact, it may be more beneficial to transplant into large pots that you can move inside in case the weather freezes up. Regardless, when the weather is nice, you'll want to take advantage of it and get outside to sow some seeds! So, what should you plant in March? Vegetables: Beans, Beets, Black-eyed Peas, Corn, Cucumber, Pumpkin and Summer Squash. Herbs: Chives, Lavender, Oregano, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme Annuals: Cypress Vine, Gourds, Marigolds,

March Home Maintenance

When it comes to your home, waiting to fix problems when they pop up can lead to a lot of stress and financial strain. We've put together a list of monthly tasks that will keep you on top of home maintenance and cleaning so you can avoid frustration! All Over Check fire extinguishers Change or clean air filters Check under sinks for drips and leaks Do a rodent check around your home, under the patio or deck, and in the attic. Spring is prime time for breeding and rodents can do a lot of damage! Clean baseboards and tops of doorways Kitchen Clean the drain and garbage disposal. Dust tops of cabinets Clean the top of the refrigerator Clean out the refrigerator and freezer Sweep and mop under a

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