Benefits To Building A Custom Home

It isn't always easy to find the right home style for your family, not to mention finding it in a location and at a price you want! For many potential buyers, this can lead to unending searches or settling for a home that almost checks all the boxes. However, in choosing to build your own custom home, it is possible to get everything you want. Here are just a few of the benefits of building a custom home with McNair Custom Homes. Endless Customizations Custom building means all of the details and customizations are up to you. Everything that goes into your home, including countertops, lighting fixtures, flooring, and colors are elements that fit your style and design. There's no compromise.

What Makes A Modern Home?

Open floor plans, natural lighting, sleek design, bold lines - these features are all characteristics of beautiful modern architecture. Modern design has increased in popularity every year, and by our figures, it's not going anywhere. Even though modern homes can vary greatly in style, there are some qualities you can expect to find in each of these homes. Clean Lines Clean, geometric lines and shapes give any home a more modern feel. Modernist values highlight simplicity of form. You'll find this in structural elements, floor tiles, decor items, and more. Modern Materials Look for large windows to bring natural light into a home. Modern interiors also favor exposed building materials like w

First Impressions: Creating A Beautiful Entry

The entryway of your home is the first thing your guests will see. It sets the stage for the rest of your home, making a statement about your style. No matter what size you're working with, you can create a welcoming entryway so that the first impression is the right one. Foyerless Entry Even if you don't have a "foyer" as guests enter, you can still make the space your own. Find a small table or desk on which to place keys, sunglasses, and your phone. A small cabinet or bin is great for catching bags or shoes on your way in. Adding a mirror will open up any space. If your space is too small for these items, use a coat rack or low shelf and decorative hooks to store your items. Modest Entry

February Home Maintenance

When it comes to your home, waiting to fix problems when they pop up can lead to a lot of stress and financial strain. We've put together a list of monthly tasks that will keep you on top of home maintenance and cleaning so you can avoid frustration! All Over Touch up nicks and chips in wall paint throughout your home. You'll love the clean and fresh feel you get. Look for leaks, both in your roofing and in your plumbing, and check your foundations for cracks that can cause big problems when spring rains pour on your home. Fill holes in your drywall. Holes may turn into bigger cracks and cost you a ton for repairs. ​Test CO and smoke detectors and replace the batteries. These save lives, so

Your February Garden

If you've been in San Antonio for a while, you know that February is the start of spring! In fact, some years, the Moutain Laurels are already blooming and covered in bees, and we've even seen some bluebonnets popping up - and they're not usually here until April! Even though this February has been a little on the rainy side, there's plenty to do to prepare your garden for spring! If winter had been colder, this would have been a good time to replant any seeds that died during freezes, but our winter has been especially warm. We may still see some cold snaps ahead, so don't let the sunshine trick you into planting warm season vegetables. Instead, use this month to clean up your plant beds to

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